Serena’s year: The round-up

Last week it was announced that Serena Williams’ year had come to an end as she withdrew from her final tournaments in Beijing and Singapore. Having become the quickest person to ever qualify since it became its eight-woman format in 2003, her absence at the WTA Finals will be missed. But let’s not be glum. Many #happy things have happened this year so shall we take a look and embrace them?
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In the action: The U.S Open 2015 Fan Experiance

A throwback to the early stages of the US Open and Nike’s camouflage kit worn by Serena and Rafa. Happy Slammer Dinelka captured some of the action so shall we take a trip back and remind ourselves what happened?
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Behind every cloud there’s sunshine

¬†All you Happy Slammers are aware of the incident that took place at the Rogers Cup in Montreal last week and, while we don’t want to ignore it, we also don’t want it to overshadow the variety of delight the tournament provided. So this is dedicated to the players and moments in both Montreal and Toronto that put smiles on our faces.
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