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A letter to Serena

  Dear Serena, Congratulations on your twenty two Grand Slams! In celebration of you and your accomplishments to date (because there will most probably be more to come) HST has put together a few words for you. Serena Williams

Analyzing Serena Williams

We all go on about the brilliance of Serena Williams but sometimes we forget the details. She’s like this goddess of sport, recognized by everyone for her supremacy and admired by most for her strength. We sort of take her achievements for granted. Serena Williams

Behind every cloud there’s sunshine

¬†All you Happy Slammers are aware of the incident that took place at the Rogers Cup in Montreal last week and, while we don’t want to ignore it, we also don’t want it to overshadow the variety of delight the tournament provided. So this is dedicated to the players and moments in both Montreal and…