Wimbledon 2016: The Marcus Willis fairy tale


Adding to  the  grandeur storyline of the fortnights, ‘fairy tales’ are wholly welcomed at Grand slams and this is especially the case when the protagonist is a native of the country. At this year’s Wimbledon, the first week’s attention has been focused on Marcus Willis, the world number 772 and, as a Brit in England during the time Wimbledon is taking place, it’s impossible not to take in the enthusiasm that erupts when a countryman/woman is doing well.

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Tennis and the Olympics-Team Austalia

sam groth

G’day Everybodyguys,

How ya’ goin? The Olympics are around the corner and we thought that to help you get in the mood we would feature a different team from a different  country each week until Rio. And since HST was founded in land down under we thought what better country to start with than the home of Vegemite and the #Happy Slam. Continue reading Tennis and the Olympics-Team Austalia

#AlwaysWithRafa – A global movement

Hello Everybodyguys,

We don’t usually start our posts like this, but we have a favour to ask you…..

But first let us give you the background story.

There is sombre mood in the tennis world today as fan (and HST) favourite Rafa Nadal announced in “one of the toughest press conferences” he has ever had to give, withdrawing from Roland Garros, putting an end to his 2016 bid for La Decima.

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