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Have you got any tennis memories, favourite matches or fun happenings you’ve experienced you’d like to share? Are you visiting any tournaments in the near future and would like to report on the action? Or maybe you just have a question?

Whatever it is we would love to hear from you! We are always looking for unique content whether it’s words, photographs or video. Send your content ideas to:

Please read see our content guidelines and FAQs before sending in your submission.

Happy Slam Tennis Blog Content Submission Guidelines

We will #trymybest to feature your contributions where possible. The following guidelines help to keep our content consistent to the framework that supports the HST philosophy of  unique, lighthearted tennis-related content. We accept the following content:

  • Off-court antics and happenings
  • Fan perspectives and experiences
  • Tournament experiences
  • Breaking news
  • Humour & wit
  • Respectful parodies
  • Meme’s and gifs
  • Funny photos
  • Interesting statistics
  • Amazing surprises!

Media guidelines:

  • Are your photo’s or video’s High Definition (HD)?
    Where possible, all images and video must be high-quality clear and crisp,  and optimised for web viewing. * We suggested that you watermark your own photos or video’s to ensure that your efforts are acknowledged acknowledged and not duplicated/plagiarized without credit.
  • How big should your image’s file size be?
    It is important to have your images sized correctly so they have a fast loading time on a web page.. High-tech cameras take extremely detailed pictures, which create huge file sizes. Some are even several megabytes, these are not recommended for a webpage. An image file size for a webpage shold be under:
  • 100kb for a large image
  • 50kb for a medium image
  • 30kb for a small image

Here is a free online image re-sizing tool that allows you to sacrifice a little quality for a quick load time.

  • We accept the following file types:
    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .gif

Here is an online image converter tool to save your files to the correct extension.

Additional requirements:

  • If you are sending more than 5 media files, please send them in a zipped file.
  • Images must be optimised for web viewing.
  • Images must be your own. Images from the web cannot be accepted for copyright reasons.
  • Images used as memes or gif’s must credit the original source of the image.
  • Please summarise your submission in one sentence (no more than about 50 words)
  • Blog posts are limited to 500 words or less.
  • Text must be proofread and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

HST values the effort you go to with your content and ideas submissions. Please be aware that we reserve the right to make any alterations to the text you supply to ensure its relevance to the audience and that it aligns with the HST ethos and branding pillars. We are happy to answer further questions you may have about this, contact us anytime!

Stay Happy!

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