Happy Slam Tennis was founded on July 31, 2014 by two professionals, Trudi and Jeanni from Melbourne Australia – the home of the Australian Open Grand Slam and affectionately referred to by professional tennis athletes as The Happy Slam. The atmosphere of the Australian Open and the dynamic tennis community that exists on social media inspired us to share the love of all things tennis from the perspective of passionate fun-loving (and sometimes cheeky) fans.

The Happy Slam Tennis blog serves is an extension of our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter presence, aiming to unite the tennis community by providing a platform for fans, bloggers and tennis enthusiasts alike to share views on current tennis news and events by incorporating (a lighthearted approach, or) fun and humor into every post.

The Happy Slam Tennis team  love nothing more that to Slam a smile on your dial and welcome suggestions for content, improvements, features and PR/Sponsorship.

You can contact the Happy Slam Tennis team at happyslamtennis@outlook.com, or find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat.

Stay Happy!

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         HST Ethos:

We support and maintain a healthy, happy and friendly attitude to tennis fans of all generations. We extend a positive and lighthearted appreciation for tennis and professional athletes and aim to engage and unite the global tennis community via social media channels.

The Happy Slam Tennis Team

Trudi, HST Co-Founder

I’m Trudi, I am a first generation Aussie from Melbourne and I confess, I am a Tennis tragic. Tennis has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Spending my Summer holidays watching the Hopman Cup and declaring to my Dad in my early teens that the young unknown ponytailed Swiss man named Roger Federer would one day be the greatest player of all time.

Things have changed a little since then. I now work full time and study for my MBA part time, but as one of the founders of HST I have found a place where I can indulge in my love of tennis without the risk of being deleted by all my Facebook friends for blocking their news feed with tennis related updates. I only hope that you find Happy Slam Tennis  to be your safe tennis place too!


Jeanni, HST Co-Founder

My Granny introduced me to tennis when I was very young so I’ve been a die–hard fan for… well, age is irrelevant, just check in with Roger and Serena! I’ll just say I’ve been very fortunate to have witness many epic battles and champions come and go. I’m from Melbourne Australia and one of the founders of HST,  a Freelance Designer, and a school Art teacher. I run, do yoga and shank a bit of tennis with my 2 mini tennis fans for fun and fitness. If there was an Olympics for tennis spectating, I’m your gold medal champ!

Frankie, HST blog editor

I’m Frankie and I’m a 21 year old fashion journalism student living on the outskirts of London who likes to write and likes to keep active. What do I love about tennis? I love that it can make a boring day more exciting; that it’s personal- more individual as opposed to a team; that it can be both graceful and aggressive and that women tend to be just as recognised as men.

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Megan, HST US correspondent

I’m Megan, an 18 year old from California, and an avid tennis fan.  On an average day, you can find me drinking coffee, reading or working on student government projects.  Outside of school and coffee consumption, I enjoy both watching and playing tennis.  I might be overly-optimistic about American tennis, and still pretty bummed about Andy Roddick being retired, but in the end I always love this sport, come what may.

Hi, my name is Reinaldo and  I love tennis! I am a junior tennis player in the US, I train every day and play tournaments most weekends  I also enjoy watching the next gen players showcase their talents. I am one of the biggest Federer fans out there without a doubt! I’m a stats guy  too, bringing up the numbers is something that I’ve always enjoyed and have a lot of knowledge about. Like almost everyone I’m also waiting for Fed to catch that elusive 18th slam. I run HST Young Guns on Instagram and a HST blog contributor.