Rafa – King of the kids


G’day #Happy Slammers,

It’s been a little while since our last post, thanks to a little thing called life. Which has a bad habit of taking over. But when we got a DM from long time IG follower, David Lax, we couldn’t help but set aside everything to share his story with everybodyguys. Now be prepared because things are about to get adorable, and you are going to say awwwww.

David told us that he and his family have visited Manacor every year for the past few years while on holidays (and have been lucky enough to see Rafa each year). But this year was a little different. This time while visiting Manacor they stopped in to see Rafa practice at his new academy (is this on anyone else’s bucket list?).  At the end of Rafa’s practice David’s 3-year- old son (himself a Rafa fan) was invited onto the court to have a hit with Rafa.  Cue the awww’s.

img_1386 img_1385img_1384

David told us that despite being only 3 his son is an avid tennis and Rafa fan and has grown up watching  Rafa on TV with his Dad, and 6-year-old sister. 

Uncle Toni was on board to offer his advice and also told David that his son was “brilliant”.


Now if these pics don’t make you smile, the videos might just push you over the line. 

We love a good news story, so if you’ve got a great fan experience or a hilight to share with tennis fans alike, make sure you send us an email and your story could be featured too

Thanks again to David for sharing this adorable and memorable moment with everybodyguys!!

Stay #Happy!!


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