The Laver Cup buzz

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Hey everybodyguys!

Have you heard the news?!

Tennis related social media was overwhelmed with excitement today. Most of the tweeting hysteria was driven by an epic selfie of tennis greats (Bjorn Borg, Rafa Nadal, Rod Laver, Roger Federer and John McEnroe) coupled with the announcement that Rafa and Roger would not only be playing on the same team together in a new world-class tournament but also pair as doubles partners! You can’t deny that this is every tennis fan’s dream come true! Here are some reactions to the announcement from a few Happy Slammers:

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Rafael Nadal, Roger Federe, Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe at the Laver Cup event today. (Photo via Laver Cup Facebook)
Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe at the Laver Cup event today. (Photo via Laver Cup Facebook)
India Tennis
UAE Royals’s Roger Federer, left and Indian Aces’s Rafael Nadal greet each other during the International Premier Tennis League in New Delhi, India, Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015. (AP Photo /Tsering Topgyal)

Today in New York the legendary Rod Laver, with guests Roger, Rafa, Bjorn Borg and ‘John McEnroe’, launched The Laver Cup- A new international competition that will be held every year except Olympic years.

But what even is the Laver Cup? We hear you ask with wide eyes…

Well, Roger & Rafa will represent ‘Team Europe’ (as part of a six-man team) to be captained by 11-time Grand Slam champ Bjorn Borg. Team Europe will compete against ‘The World Team’  from a players that represent countires outside of Europe chosen and lead by captain JMac’.

The first Laver Cup will be inaugurated in the Czech Republic at Prague’s O2 Arena from 22nd -24 September 2017 and feature what we expect to be some very dynamic singles and doubles matches being played by top ranked pros. Here’s a list of the tournament match play format for you to get your head around:

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Source: Michal Samulski via Twitter

We love what the Laver Cup will do for fans around the world, although there are critics out there who are rolling their eyes at the Laver Cup and wondering why we need yet another ‘Exho’ tourney to load up an already demanding annual schedule.

As Aussies down under, we sometimes can’t help but feel just a little left out of the majority of the tennis action that happens beyond the equator. We can empathise with fans from other countries that are even more limited by distance than us. We are #happy to see that events such as the Laver Cup and International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) are being held in countries that provide opportunities for wider promotion of this great spot and allow new fans to experience the thrills of a world-class events in the flesh.

The Laver Cup should remind us of our roots, by paying homage to the Tennis Open Era’s greats. It should prompt us to reflect on how tennis has evolved into a dynamic conglomeration of sport and entertainment, capturing wider audiences and uniting fans globally – a philosophy that is very close to our hearts here at HST.

For more details on the Laver cup Tournament schedule, player involvement and match play format visit the Laver Cup official website.


Let us know how you feel about the Laver Cup, be sure to leave a comment. Until next time…

stay #happy!






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