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Hello everybodyguys!

It’s our birthday!! And to celebrate our second year on Instagram, we are excited to announce that we have relaunched (our secondary Instagram account) HappySlamTennis2 as Happy Slam Tennis Young Guns. This page celebrates  young guns! rising stars, ITF circuit, ball kids, trick shots and other fun content to keep you happy!

With this we have on board our latest member of the team Reinaldo Golandino, ‘Rey’ as we know him is lives near Miami, USA home of the Miami Open in the sunny state of Florida and he happens to be young gun himself ranked #55 Junior in the state!

Let’s get to know Rey!…

HST: Rey, when did you first start playing tennis?

Rey: When I was 7.


HST: Favourite player?

Rey: Roger, Roger Federer.


HST: What’s your favourite shot?

Rey: Without a doubt the drop shot

HST: Ooh the sneaky dropper!


HST: Are you partial to a SABR?

Rey: If told you I’d have to kill you….


HST: How fast can you serve

Rey: 85 mph (137 kph)


HST: One or two handed backhand?

Rey: One handed backhand

HST: Do you have any on-court rituals/superstitions?

Rey: I try not to be superstitious in the court, because I don’t want to depend anything while I play my match. I just play with the flow.


HST: What is your biggest tennis highlight to date?

Rey: Beating one of my biggest rivals in a tough 3 setter 1-6 6-1 10-7 in around 2 hours and 30 mins.


HST: What animal are you most afraid of?

Rey: Snakes, without a doubt.

HST: haahah ! so you won’t be coming to Australia any time soon then!


HST: If you had your own song in the pop charts what would it be called?

Rey: ‘Made it’


HST: Team Taylor or Team Kimye?

Rey: Kimye


HST: Which actor would you cast to play you in a movie?

Rey: Denzel Washington


HST: Pokemon GO or Pokemon NO?

Rey: Pokemon No for sure.  Tennis is number 1!

HST: Tennis is life.


HST: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Rey: Sushi


HST: Welcome to the HST Global Team Rey, can you tell everybodyguys what you will you be bringing to HST Young Guns Instagram page?

Rey: I will bring a my knowledge of junior tennis, with a bunch of stats and opinion, and try to profile as many young guns as possible in their rise towards the top of the rankings. Last but not least lots of fun content for everybodyguys to enjoy!

Rey showing off his ‘backhanderer’!

If you know of a Young Gun that would like the chance to be profiles on HSTYG be sure to send a DM to Rey at HST Young Guns or email to

So guys! the wait is over, be sure go get happy over on HST Young Guns and enjoy the action!

…..and remember to stay #Happy!










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