Tennis and the Olympics- Team GB


In the second instalment of the country fact files leading up to the Olympics, we turn our attention to Team GB.

Team GB/ GBR/ Great Britain is the representatives of the United Kingdom, made up of athletes from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (This might not be the case in four years time but we won’t bring politics into this)

You may remember that we hosted the previous Olympics in 2012. London became an energetic gathering of sport, optimistic excitement and amiable multiculturalism. East London was home to  the Olympic park, royalist landmark Horse Guards Parade was the base for temporary beach volleyball courts and the familiar face of the All England Club naturally took control of the tennis.

Home support and the momentum of the occasion spurred the team to win 65 medals, 29 of which were gold, placing them third on the leader board. While it may have exceeded expectations and been the highest achieving Olympics, the event is perhaps remembered most for Super Saturday (4th August) which saw GB earn a record eight medals. The day ended with goosebumps and patriotism when Greg Ruthorford, Jessica Ennis Hill and Mo Farah triumphed in the athletics.


The following day was the tennis finals where Andy Murray won gold by defeating Roger Federer/ Switzerland in straight sets. It was only a few weeks before when the two played each other in the Wimbledon final. Roger won and Andy captured the nation’s hearts when getting emotional. That teary speech perhaps then made the Olympics gold that bit more passion fiery.

Remember the days before Laura Robson was overcome with injukries and she’d take to the court healthily with smiles and promise? We hope to see more of these moments. Following the mens singles final, her and Andy then secured silver together  (losing to Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi AKA Belarus). Here’s Andy’s dogs, Maggie and Rusty, posing with the medals.

So who can we see in the tennis this year?
Well, Andy Murray, bro Jamie, Heather Watson and Joanna Konta have been confirmed as the four representatives for Team GB with Heather and Andy partnering up for the mixed.

Other notable GB Olympics details:
1) Tennis was present in the first Olympic games in 1896. Great Britain (along with France and Switzerland) is one of the only countries to have competed in every summer and winter Olympic Games. Therefore, we’ve been involved in every Olympic tennis.

2) Our national anthem is God Save The Queen although Heroes by David Bowie was played so many times at last year’s games (and sporting events since) that it’s kind of become an honorary anthem.

3) Britain is renowned for its culture (literature, music etc) and it’s one of the four main fashion capitals of the world. So who better to design the team’s kit than an actual celebrated designer? Stella McCartney is once again behind the outfits for the Olympics. They look like this…


A fanny pack is a kind of bag but in the UK a fanny is also a term for female genitals.
Unlike in America, we say mum not mom and you must put a ‘u’ in ‘or’ words such as colour, flavour, and favourite.
We also use holiday to describe a vacation, for example: I really need a holiday to give my skin some colour but my mum won’t let me.
A lift is an elevator and to take the piss out of something means to make fun and mock.

True story: I wrote this while drinking tea.


Got a question? Want to write your country’s team profile? Want to tell us we’re going round the twist? Send us an email, or leave a note in the comments section below- we’d love to hear from you!

Stay #Happy


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