A letter to Serena


Rena Superwoman

Dear Serena,

Congratulations on your twenty two Grand Slams! In celebration of you and your accomplishments to date (because there will most probably be more to come) HST has put together a few words for you.

As a #Happy Slammer

You are kthe greatest, humble, inspiring,
resilient, unyielding and courageous
You are phenomenal, beautiful, tenacious
gorgeous, a queen and talented
You are strong, confident, powerful and
a history maker reigning supreme


As a woman

you make me empowered; redefining the feminine figure with muscles and aggression but also gracefulness, the best of both attributes.  You strive for success and are hungry for wins, the taste of victory like the sweetest of treats. You demonstrate that age is irrelevant in a profession, strolling out onto the court like it’s a routine you will never tire of, and outplaying younger, fresh face players as though your physique and mentality will never wear. Dominance is at your core, hard work is in your vision. You’re continuously at the heart of attention but for achievements. Crown emoji, fisted hand emoji, tennis racket emoji: they sum up you.

As an American
You’re not just a story of the ‘The American Dream’ but an American icon. I’ll be the first to say that tennis may not be something that most Americans follow but, when it comes to you, we stop what we’re doing to read the articles, to see your matches, to watch you smash records and rewrite the sport’s history. America might not love tennis yet but we certainly love you.


As a tennis fan

You leave me engrossed. You have this all consuming sense of greatness that brings together fans and those who have never watched a match. Your prowess on the court is something universal, a constant reminder of what excellence looks like as you inspire people to strive for more. Yes, if a little girl from Compton can grow up to be one of the greatest athletes we’ve ever seen, there doesn’t look to be much that can’t be done.

So I repeat:k

You are the greatest, humble, inspiring
resilient, unyielding and courageous.
You are phenomenal, beautiful, tenacious
gorgeous, a queen and talented.
You are strong, confident, powerful
a history maker reigning and supreme.

Best wishes,


Words by Frankie, Megan and Happy Slammers of Instagram

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