Tennis and the Olympics-Team Austalia

sam groth

G’day Everybodyguys,

How ya’ goin? The Olympics are around the corner and we thought that to help you get in the mood we would feature a different team from a different  country each week until Rio. And since HST was founded in land down under we thought what better country to start with than the home of Vegemite and the #Happy Slam.Here are a few facts about Aus or Straya, as it’s sometimes known to us Aussies

australia map

It is the 6th largest country in terms of size but has a population over just over 23 million and is ranked just 53rd in terms of population.

Maverick Weller

Aussies LOVE their sport. We even have our own sport called Australian Rules Football (AFL).⇒ (Yep that’s right ladies, sleeveless shirts and short shorts across the board)

Our flag is red, blue and white but our team colours are green and gold.

Our official national anthem is ‘Advance Australia Fair’. I know you’re surprised right? I bet you thought it was Land Down Under by Men and Work.


the fanatics

Thinking of joing “The Fanatics” and cheering for the Aussies? Try this chant:

It pretty simple. It goes like this:

Person  1:Aussie, Aussie,Aussie     Crowd: Oi,Oi,Oi
Person 1: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie     Crowd: Oi,Oi,Oi
Person 1: Aussie     Crowd: Oi
Person 1: Aussie     Crowd: Oi
Person 1: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie      Crowd: Oi,Oi,Oi

Nick Kyrigos and Bernard Tomic have ruled themselves out of the competition and the Aussie team is yet to be finalised but expect to see faces like Sam Stosur, Sam Groth, John Peers,  Daria Gavrilova and John Millman working hard for the honour.

Australia has won 6 Olympic Tennis medals. With ‘The Woodies’ – Mark Woodforde and Todd Woodbridge taking out the gold and silver medals – in the men’s doubles at Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000 respectively.

Want to find a ‘true blue’, ‘dinky di’ Aussie in the crowd?

Just shout: “Have you ever. ever. Felt like this? Have strange things happened?

And wait for the reply: ARE YOU GOING ROUND THE TWIST?!

 Trust us! (If you have an Aussie friend we highly recommend you try this. Don’t forget to let us know how you go!)

Oh and if you’ve ever met an Aussie you know we love to abbreviate everything and anything, so expect that your name to be shortened, or to get a O,A or Z thrown in. For example: Samantha = Sam, Nicholas = Nick or Nikko, Aaron=  Azza or Melbourne= Melbs.

Got a question? Want to write your country’s team profile? Want to tell us we’re going round the twist? Send us an email, or leave a note in the comments section below- we’d love to hear from you!

Stay #Happy


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