#AlwaysWithRafa – A global movement

Hello Everybodyguys,

We don’t usually start our posts like this, but we have a favour to ask you…..

But first let us give you the background story.

There is sombre mood in the tennis world today as fan (and HST) favourite Rafa Nadal announced in “one of the toughest press conferences” he has ever had to give, withdrawing from Roland Garros, putting an end to his 2016 bid for La Decima.


The reason? A wrist injury. A teary Nadal confirmed in his press conference that he has felt pain in his wrist for a few weeks, admitting that miraculously he had played his R2 match with the area numbed by anaesthetic (proving yet again why his tenacity and mental strength are the envy of many players).

As fans, we are devastated for him, for his team, and the tournament. It’s hard to reconcile that a man who has suffered so many injuries could be struck down just as he is getting his mojo back. It just doesn’t seem fair, and it isn’t. It’s not meant to be, and as Rafa himself pointed out “this is part of my life and career. I will keep fighting and surely will have more chances to win this”.

There is no denying that the man who has won the tournament 9 times, is a fighter. A champion. A role model. But he is also a man. A man who has just experienced one of the toughest days of his career. And while we are sitting at home sad that his 2016 French Open journey is over, we should be reminded of the times that he has cheered us up.  brining a smile to our face with his quirks,  caused us to fist pump and scream ‘VAMOS!’ repeatedly in our living rooms and annoy our neighbours.

So now is the time for us to bring a smile to his face!

IMG_5069We’re making it our mission to share the Rafa love. Which brings us to that favour we mentioned… we are asking each and every one of you to share your favourite Rafa moment(s) and spread the love using the hashtag  #AlwaysWithRafa.

We want to get the hash tag trending on all social media platforms so that he knows that no matter what this sport (or his body) throws at him, we will be with him each and every step.

So let’s show some Rafatude and let’s get posting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pintrest or via text and lets spread the Rafa love.

Stay #Happy,

Trudi,  HappySlamTennis

*Image sources: Getty Images, edits by HappySlamTennis


Add Yours
  1. ditas pelayo

    it was SADturday for everyone of us…no one realized that you were in such pain while watching you in 2rounds yet you did able to amazed, fascinated us with your awesome “tweener” inspite of your agony.we would like to assure you that we are willing to wait until you are fully recovered from injury and 100% fit and healthy.no one else can claim La Decima…so there’s no reason to rush.VAMOS RAFA

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  2. Marian Hindley

    I miss you Rafa and feel your pain 😥 But I know you will fight and be back soon. There will never be a tennis player like ever. Im so proud to be a fan. VAMOS KING OF CLAY. You are loved by millions ❤ ❤

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  3. Sylvie Pircher

    Ma Favorirte moment? Every practice, every match, every photo, every interview.
    My words of encouragement? Of course you can do this. We will see you as soon as you’re able to.

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  4. Christine Fortino

    You can do anything, Rafa. You have already accomplished so much in your career and have many years to come. You inspire people to do their best, in not only tennis, but life.

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  5. Dee Kingston

    It is not just your tennis that makes you great Rafa. Not just your indomitable spirit. your strength of will, your determination to succeed but the incredible person you are. Your not just an inspiration to young players to play tennis but to be a good person. You are a credit to the game and to your family. Bless you for being Rafa

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