Rafa The King of Clay


Good morning, good evening and good night #Happy Slammers!

It’s been a long time between chats, thanks to busy personal lives and an even busier tennis schedule. How about some of those matches, huh?

Well, all that tennis has led us to this point, where the French Open is just around the corner. Not many of us can say we’ve won 9 French Open titles, in fact only one person can ever say they have won 9 French Open titles. And that person is none other than King of Clay, Rafael Nadal.

The Spaniarafa 2005 2rd has a staggering 71 -2 win/loss record at the event, taking out the title the very first time he played the event (only other person to do this was Mats Wilander), just two days after his 19th birthday in 2005.

rafa 2005 4    rafa 2005 1   rafa 2005 3

Rafa continued his Roland Garros winning streak by taking out the title in 2006, 2007 and 2008. He was defeated by Robin Soderling in the 4th round in 2009, but still managed to set the record for consecutive sets won with a staggering streak of 32 straight sets. Impressive, right?

nadal 2007   nadal 2006   nadal 2008

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Rafa was again crowned French Open champion, cementing his place as the King of Clay, and spurning one of our favourite edits, with Rafa’s French Open YOLO- You Only Lose Once!

Did you know that Rafa has won the title every time he has made the final? That is 100% of time!

 rafa 2010 rafa 2013 rafa 2012 rafa 2011  rafa 2014

In 2015 Rafa lost to the eventual runner-up Novak Djokovic, in just his second defeat at the tournament. His achievements  on the surface have been recognised time and time again with Novak even commenting that “everybody knows Rafa is the King of Clay”, and with his French Open record it’s hard to argue differently.

rafa passion

So now, in 2016, many are asking can Rafa pull off number 10? Well, the truth as I see it  is, who cares? He has proven time and time again that he is the master of the surface that demands discipline and accuracy. And, if that leads to La Decima then I will Vamos with the rest of the Rafans, but if not then I’m ok with that too. Why? Because Rafa does not need to prove anything to me, to you, or to anyone else. He has a record that speaks for itself, he has heart , passionfire and most of all he has that special thing we like to call Rafatude. Which means no matter the outcome you can be certain he has played with everything he has to give and that is all any of us should ever ask.

Vamos Always,  Stay #Happy!

Written by Trudi

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