Paying homage to Rafa and his swim shorts


Let’s take things off court for a moment to a place of sea, sand, boats and the homeliness of Manacor…

Rafa loves the beach. That’s something he won’t hesitate stating. But we can feel that love too. Not just from the way he says it and the snapshots of him pleasantly holidaying but from his swim shorts. They symbolise FUN. Like a little boy hyperactive about summer, reveling in the joy of the outdoors.

What’s interesting is that Rafa is a little shy and timid and especially guarded when it comes to his personal life but his swim shorts: They’re an explosive splash of boldness and in some cases humour. You can’t help but be drawn to them regardless of what is happening in the photo.
Whether it’s the child-like turtle variety (available to buy here, by the way) or a touch of rainbow stripe, or coordinating a bright pink pair with matching polo for a look as vibrant as the Spanish sun, we want to know your thoughts. And your favourites!


Stay #Happy ! (But, with a post like this, how could you not?)


Add Yours
  1. Babs

    Wonderful article 😊 it makes happy at a rainy and cold day in germany, so thank you very much for this fantastic “kidnapping” with Rafa & his awesome shorts at the sun and on the beach 🏊 😃
    And I definitely fall in love with his turtle shorts from his island hopping on the baleares last year ❤💛
    Big hug from Babs


  2. ChrisB

    the all pink outfit was something to behold for sure. The turtle ones are my favorite so far. Can’t wait to see what this year’s summer has in store.


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