A chat with Nicolas Almagro about Tennis, life and…..Pelicans? 

This picture again!

Hey, everybodyguys.

Let’s go back to the early stages of January, during the frills of the Aussie summer of tennis, when the Kooyong Classic was taking place. We had a sit down with Nico Almagro and chatted about life on tour, animals and the best places in Melbourne to eat food.

Jeanni: So why did you choose to play here at Kooyong?

Nico: Well because I was playing many years in Auckland and last year I played Sydney. This year I was talking with my coach and we decided to play here because we are in Melbourne, really close to the courts so we can practice a little bit more. This year is a little bit different because I got married and I am here with my wife. This week is a little bit ‘off’ so we can do things.

J: That’s great. So you might know that Australia is the home to some of the most dangerous animals and insects. Have you got an animal that scares you?

N: Well [laughs] I am scared of many things but I didn’t see any animal around the courts so that’s the most important thing.
J: No kangaroos?
N: No. No kangaroos [smiles]
Trudi: There’s a few birds. I’m a little bit scared of pelicans.
N: P-Pellicans?
T: Yeahhh
T: [Laugh] They’re scary
N: Why?
J: It’s a long story
N: Ah, a long story
T: Let’s just say… they attacked me
N: Did you see the Hitchcock movie with the birds? (Flaps arms like wings) 
J AND T: Yes!
J:  Ok so none-
N: nothing for the moment, nothing for the moment
J: that’s good!
T: well we’ve got a few that if you, you know, saw them in real life may scare you.


J: What’s your favourite food?

N: I love the spanish food. All the spanish food. And the fries with eggs… Everything that you can’t eat because you’re a pro… I love it.

I don’t know why. You want the chocolate… you can’t have it.
J: Melbourne is really well known for the best food and coffee in Aus.
N: Yeah, I’m eating a lot at Nobu because we love Japanese food.
  [I’ve been to] Rockpool in Crown. We are going to go to Movida.
J: aww that’s a good place.
T: they do really good corn.
N: Yeah, first time there and we want to do it

J: So do you and the other Spanish players on tour ever hang around and eat out together?

N: I go with my team and my wife. Yesterday Rafa was at Nobu because I was there too [laugh]
T: Ah! different tables?
N: D
ifferent tables but we were together
J: So do you get enough time together off court? Do you hang out?
N: Yeah because in the locker you have a lot of time and we talk around about football… about a lot in our life. But I prefer to stay with my team, ya know. I want to be with my coach and wife, play some games with the ipad. I want to do different things but well, of course, we are all sharing the space.
J: I was going to ask if you brought your x box
N: [chuckle]
T: We hear that’s pretty big on tour actually with games like Fifa.
N: Yeah

J: And last couple of questions. Who is your favourite super

N: pfffff I think my favourite super hero…. pfff what… I dunno
GrandSlamGal Camera lady extraordinaire: Rafa?
J: [laugh] Rafa
N: … I don’t know. I don’t know. sorry. Maybe gladiator.
J: oooo yeah we’ve haven’t had that one before.
T: M
ost people go superman but I like Gladiator!

J: last question. You might have been asked this before but can you say ‘g’day mate’ in an Aussie accent.

N: What?
J: G’day mate
N: Gee-day mate
when we say hello in Australia, well often we say hello but our Australian greeting is g’day.
N: G’day. G’day. G’day mate.
T: You did a pretty good job actually.

And just so what’s being said is made clear:


Thanks for the chat, Nico!

Stay #Happy! 

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