10 steps for getting over that post Aus Open hangover


Hola Everybody guys,

It’s our first week back to our regular schedule and we are the first admit we’re suffering from the post Aus Open slump, and you’ve been telling us you’re feeling it too. So we’ve put together a list of things to do to help you get over your #Happy Slam Hangover.

1). Step one: Admit you have a problem. You’re in safe company here- no judgement. OK, we’ll go first. We Happy Slam Tennis are addicted to Tennis! (We would suggest taking a leaf out of Andy Murray’s book and yelling it at the top of your lungs, because…. why not?)



2). Relive all the excitement of the Aussie Open by any means possible. You can start by checking out our Instagram and Twitter,  then our Facebook, followed by our Tumblr and  Snapchat or our Periscope account.  Phew! It seems we get around.

3). Take your mind off things by getting into the Fed Cup that starts this weekend, and get excited because the Davis Cup is on the first weekend of March. Oh, and don’t forget there’s always Indian Wells just around the corner.

4). They say it helps to talk about it, so tell everybody guys about your experiences. And we mean everybody guys! That includes the guy at the bus stop, the check out lady, your waiter, the door to door salesperson and don’t forget the dog. They’ll love it! #TrustUs


5). Start planning your next tennis experience! I mean its only 11 months and we’ll be doing it all over again.

6). Tennis all your foods.

tennis apples tennis watermelon  tennis cookeis

7). Make a list of things to do to get over your Aus Open hangover…. CHECK!

8). Read a totally awesome list about getting over your Aus Open hangover.

9). Hit the courts and practice your SABR

10). Shop for all the latest tennis gear, so even if you can’t be at the tennis you can at least look like you are!

If you’re in Oz we can recommend having a chat with the awesome folk at Tennis Only!
IMG_7864 IMG_7866

Or you could just skip all this and go on 24/7 Murray baby watch…..Got any other suggestions or ideas? Don’t forget to drop us a comment below and tell us about it.

Most important of all?….

Stay #Happy!


Add Yours
  1. Jeanni

    I found out that my dentist is a total tennis nut, she held the secret from me for years and our relationship has hit a new level. Treatment is much less painful!

    And yes, I confess that I have told a door-to-door salesperson or two about my obsession. You’d be surprised how many are into tennis and it’s a great diversion away from the sales pitch!


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