Aus Open fashion- Aces and Faults


Hello Everybody guys,

Well now that another #Happy Slam is over and the players have all but left the Aussie shores, we thought we would take a look back at some of the fashion from the last two weeks.

So who ‘aced’ it?

Feli debuted this white and orange Ellesse kit which we loved! Although sadly we have to deduct points for the navy compression socks he wore during his practice sessions (functional as they are).

feli AO IMG_8463

Speaking of practice kits….How awesome are the Rafa jerseys? Rafa rocked the yellow shirt during his practice, while for those of us here in Australia we could only get our hands on the blue- which we understand the Aus Open shop sold out of on the first day!

IMG_8488 IMG_8106

Some of the other kits which rocked the courts include:

federer ao IMG_8315  sloane ao
Was this Nike practice tee the ‘wild card’ of the event? (see what we did there?)


Who doubled faulted?


We’re sorry Andy but… what even is this?





Another unforced error was this Hydrogen Skull and bones society kit work by Marchenko and Bolleli.


The change of ends

tomas ao


A few weeks back we posted a memorial to Tomas Berdych’s H&M looks from the past few years. This year he came out and rocked his new Adidas kit. We don’t know about you but we loved it!




Some other interesting changes include John Isner’s move from Lacoste to Fila and David Goffin also moving from Lacoste to join LaMonf at Asics.


The Hawkeye challenge

By now you might have noticed that there are a few people we haven’t mentioned yet and we’re sure you’re wondering why. Well it’s pretty simple. These are the tiebreak outfits, or outfits that divided audiences.

serena AO

We have Serena’s yellow crop top, which we must say looked wonderful in person.

We also have the Grigor and Nick sleeveless Nike kit, which we polled both on our blog and Twitter with most of you left asking where was Rafa’s sleeveless? Interesting that Grigor chose to return to the full sleeves after his first match, while Nick chose a more basketball styled jersey which many of you thought suited his style.


nick AO IMG_8327 IMG_8702

We also had the Tequila Stanrise! (Which I, Trudi, hereby confess that I loved. So too did the lady from the audience in his third round match who yelled “Someone call 911 because Stan is on fire!”).

Still this outfit had many people yearning for the return of the French Open checked shorts. Since this kit screamed attention we thought we would give it a little bit of love, or was that a bit of lava, lava?

IMG_8863  IMG_8751 IMG_8749 IMG_8745


And the award for the most accessoried man on the tour goes to (insert suspenseful drum roll here)…… Milos Raonic.

IMG_8893Not only has he pioneered the sleeve (do you believe?) but he has also set the trend for wearing a mouthguard on court. While it’s not really for fashion, or worn as protection from being hit with a ball (or tackled by his opponent!)  he has confirmed he wears the guard to reduce back pain caused by the clenching of his jaw — we thought it was still worth the mention as it continues to receive considerable  attention.





Let us know what you thought were the fashion aces, faults, and tiebreaks  in the commens section below.

Stay #Happy!

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