Australian Open HappySlam experience Days 4-6

Hi Everybodyguys!

Yesterday (Day 5) there were several matches cancelled due to poor weather affecting the outer courts. In spite of this we had an absolute blast indoors with fellow happyslammers in the VIP section of Hisense Arena, known as the Social Suite-where we caught some amazing action under the roof.

The rain delays also gave us a chance to catch up on uploading a huge back-log of photos. Seeing as we have  been getting pretty trigger #happy with the camera over the past few days, especially around the practice courts. You can browse the thumbnails below but to see more click here to view the epic spam of albums we’ve created on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your comments on how you’re finding the tourney so far, like, share and tag friends! The more banter the better!

Stay tuned because we’ll be bringing you more throughout the rest of the tournament. In the meantime.

Stay #happy!


The Australian Open/Hisense Arena Social Suite (Pic: AusOpen)

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