Rafael Nadal Aus Open 2016- Day 1 Practice pics


Howdy #Happy Slammers!

Look at this, you’re getting two posts together, today aren’t you lucky?

Well with this post we’re going to keep fairly simple and low-key (Sounds just like us, right?). Ok, so without further ado please below a selection of our favourite Rafa practice pics from his 1.5 hours session today on Day 1 of the #Happy Slam.

rafa and uncle oni rafa6 rafa7  rafa1 rafa8 rafa2   rafa3 rafa5 rafa11

rafa9We have a full gallery of pics on our Facebook Page (which you can find here).

We are more than #Happy for you to use and share these images (in fact we LOVE it!), but we would ask that you be mindful that we put in a number of hours worth of work for this and would like to be credited for our work.

We look forward to bringing you more images in the coming days, so let us know if the comments section if there is anything else you would like us to capture. And just in case you missed, you can see MORE  Rafa practice pics here.

Stay #Happy!

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