In memory of Berdych and H&M


You may have noticed something different about Tomas Berdych recently. That oh so familiar Adidas symbol has made its way onto the kits of the Czech, perhaps a sign that the future is going to be less fancy in terms of on-court style. So let’s pay homage to a past with H&M. To a pairing that, arguably, was unlike any other…


Florals, raves, Argentinian football and up in the clouds… What were your opinions on Berdych’s attire?



“Maybe it’s for the best- I’m not a fashion expert by any means but I thought pretty much all of his H&M outfits were awful”

“H&M were giving him horrible stuff”

“H&M was better”

“His H&M outfits were fun and colourful. People loved hating them”

“Those H&M outfits were nasty. With Adidas Berdych can walk on to the court with some sizzle”

“They certainly were ‘unique.’ I’m gonna miss ’em too. I hope he has an exclusive line (like Murray did) and isn’t just a clone of 5 other players”

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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