On court style: 2015

Aga Radwanska in her metallic Lotto dress

Hey everybodyguys. It’s that time of the year again when we all tend to be in a celebratory mood, reflecting on what has been during the past 12 months. Shall we take a look at some of the fashion moments of the year?


Neon colours are no strangers when it comes to kits, especially in 2015. The Australian Open was like the top of a stationery enthusiast’s desk. How many highlighters does one need? Oh but they look so cute.
Nike was the leading producer, marking over the courts with its tennis ball green and prominent pink, but Milos Raonic could be seen sporting it too.


Question: Why aren’t more playsuits worn on court?
For the French Open, Alize Lim designed a blue and black one with Le Coq Sportif which subtly blended the traditional dress and shorts.
Speaking of shorts, hey Stan Wawrinka. Those red, grey and white plaid ones will forever be associated with the 2015 French Open champion. “I know a lot of people talk about it and it’s quite funny they won the French Open,” he joked. Tell us Happy Slammers, were you a fan of them? Or just didn’t really care?


Eugenie Bouchard was picked up by the umpire during her first round match at Wimbledon for wearing a black bra, which was seen as going against the tournament’s rule of all white attire including ‘Any undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration)‘ It wasn’t extreme, that noticeable or probably not even intended to provoke but it can be argued that there are guidelines that need to be followed. What are your thoughts? HST Poll time.



Rafa could have been put in any colour for the US Open but his all green kit gave us the assumption that he intended to unleash the Rafatude more than ever. Thus #HulkMode was born and will hopefully never die.



Sometimes we can’t help but notice what’s going on down below either. Like Dustin Brown’s contrasting laces which were a fun touch. James Ward’s polka dot Ted Baker socks caught spectators’ attention and where to put a wedding ring when newly married? When Andy Murray, attach it to your shoes.

 What were your stand out looks? Share in the comments below!

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