Uniting tennis fans worldwide – Are the ATP buzz killers? 

Hi Happy Slammers, you may have noticed that our Instagram account was disabled and so, we would like to take this moment to explain what’s happened and hear your views on the situation.

Sport is such an effective way to develop unity amongst nations and we wholeheartedly support tennis as a way of promoting a #happy and peaceful global community. Social media allows us to to connect and share all aspects of tennis with like-minded people where we might not ordinarily be able to merely within our immediate surroundings . 
So someone called the fun police on us.Today our Instagram account was disabled and we were cut off from our 45,000 #happy tennis loving followers. A great community of tennis lovers was developed on our account that supported our values of fun health,happiness and all the joy that tennis brings to individuals and groups. Those not fortunate enough to see matches because of their remote location or broadcasting limitations were able connect in our posts and be a part of our ‘match-chats’ that we hosted during tournaments. Amongst general, fun and engaging tennis banter. 

A third party had been reporting us for violating ATP content terms. Admittedly we were very occasionally posting and reposting video footage of hotshots and match footage found from users on other social media platforms (where possible, always crediting sources). We followed up promptly by acknowledging warnings and removing all content that might compromise the future of our account. A few weeks after doing this and not posting any further ATP content we were shut down. Since, several others have been disabled and the strong and #hsppy community is being dismantled.
We are somewhat puzzled by this action seeing that similar content is  being posted and shared on many other social media platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr by other users on a regular basis. The prevalent sharing of tennis related gif’s has received similar attention from the ATP this year and it is sad to see that what would seem as free promotion of the sport being received with a backhanded response (no pun intended). 

We believe the disabling of our account and various significant others, was due to the release of the ATP’s new app. Perhaps they see us all as a potential threat. In our #humble opinion, ATP could not be more wrong. Threat to what exactly? We do not receive any any financial gain, we  promote the sport and encourage viewing. As far as we are concerned the ATP are killing their fan base, many of whom are paying subscribers to the ATP’s TennisTV service. 

We would love to open up this discussion to find out how you feel about ATP’s content restrictions on posting short videos of hotshots, gif’s and vines for fan engagement. Or maybe you can enlighten us as to why it seems ok for such media to be circulated on Facebook and other platforms for instance, but not Instagram and Twitter.

Love,  The HappSlamTennis team.

We are now reuniting our Instagram community at @happyslamtennis2 follow along if you please.


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  1. Leo

    hey guys, it’s me Leo. Oh my god, I can’t believe this. It’s absolutely awful. I’m so saddened by this, it really isn’t fair. All memories, all efforts and everything accumulated over a year…..Have other accounts been disabled because of this as well?! I just can’t believe it. It’s good you guys are continuing on HST2 though. And damn the ATP if that’s true – I just can’t believe it!!


    • HappySlamTennis

      Yes other accounts have been disabled too. It’s really sad when it’s so obvious how Tennis can be such a great way to unite people world-wide. Thanks for your endless support Leo. We are eternally grateful to you for uniting us in the first place and inspiring us to start HST which has lead to a greater cause. X


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