Movember Mayhem- Moustaches and Tennis

IMG_5398 IMG_5406

Hello Happy Slammers,

The Stache, the Flavour Savour, the Mouthbrow or the Mo, whatever you want to call it the moustache has had its place in history. Now thanks to a group of innovative thinkers from right here in Melbourne (the home of the #Happy Slam) and a conversation over a beer, the humble Lip Shadow was reborn  in 2003.

It started with just 30 men and now Movember boasts over 5 Million followers with the movement helping to raise funds and awareness for Mens health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. So we thought what better time to look back at whiskers in Tennis.

What’s would a post about Tennis moustaches be without mention some of the games classic staches?

←How about this from former number  1, newcombe moustacheGrand Slammansour bahrami legend and Aussie John Newcombe?


leconte moustachePerhaps some Mansour Bahrami? →


←Ok, so we know that this isn’t exactly moustache, but the Henri Leconte’s  T-Shirt has to count for something, right?



So these are not your traditional staches, but we thought it was only fair to give these ‘goaties’ a special mention…

agassi goatie safin moustache fabio shaving

Did you know studies say that an average man touches his moustache 760 times a day?

Need some special occasion tennis Mo inspo?

tennis ball moustache


Did you know that the razor and razor balde industry is worth over 1.1biliion dollars?
Did you know that the razor and razor blade industry is worth over 1.1biliion dollars?
Movember is not just for the boys?
IMG_5401 IMG_5403 IMG_5404

Looks like the Williams sisters and Lindsay Davenport are not the only ones who’ve Got Milk!

Did you know that a stache is capable of holding up to 20% its own body weight in liquid? Ewwww…

IMG_5402 sampras

If your keen to find out more about this awesome cause, or if you would like to donate then head on over to the Movember website.

Now we would love to stay and chat to you all day but we really moustache.

Stay #Happy


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