The life of a tennis nut: Around the World Tennis Challenge

With the teams recently announced for January’s World Tennis Challenge, we thought it would only be right to check in with our resident tennis nut, Juana, to tell us all about her experience at the tournament.

You know you’re a tennis nut when…
You live in Brisbane and apply to volunteer at the World Tennis Challenge… In Adelaide… even though you are not going to Adelaide for any particular reason other than, if accepted, to volunteer at the World Tennis Challenge.

Why? Because you like to add new experiences to your tennis nut calendar. The World Tennis Challenge is a little bit different, and a whole lot of fun.

So, you apply. You get accepted.

Fortunately, you work for a large organisation that has offices around the country/world.

You ask your boss if you can work out of the Adelaide office for a couple of days, to justify/finance the trip, and save some annual leave days. Yes, tennis nuts do think about these things. It’s called maximising opportunities while minimising risk.

I mean, you could just take a week off work to attend the tennis, but this is a much smarter move. Besides, the WTC is only on a night, so this is totally doable.

And here’s how you spend your nights- live tweeting and FBing for the WTC.

While witnessing the hilarious antics of Bahrami – and JMac’s mind-bogglingly tight shorts – straight from the 70s. My eyes, my eyes!

You then think, well obviously it would make sense to continue on to Melbourne for the AO while you’re there?  Obviously. It’d be rude not to.

Admittedly, the AO is on during the day too, but you’re happy to work during the day to fund your, um, insanity, I mean, trip.

So, you book an open-jaw flight from Brisbane to Adelaide, Adelaide to Melbourne, Melbourne to Brisbane. Not crazy at all.

You pay for your own flights and accommodation, work by day, volunteer by night.

Totally totally normal thing to do, right? When you’re a tennis nut.

The World Tennis Challenge is an entertaining array of legends and pros. This year’s lineup includes Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, Marin Cilic, Marion Bartoli, Fernando Verdasco, Mark Philippoussis and Thanasi Kokkinakis. For ticket information, click here.


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  1. Clare Chapman

    Aw this is awesome Jeanette. It was an absolutely pleasure to have you involved in the World Tennis Challenge. How lucky were we to get someone so passionate (and switched on!) to be our live scorer, Facebook-er, and tweeter! Cheers, Clare Chapman, World Tennis Challenge


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