Nadal and Cilic’s Swiss Indoors quarter final

Marin Cilic and Rafael Nadal went head to head in the quarter finals of the Swiss Indoors. Here’s a recap of what happened.

Eee, let’s get pumped!
1-0 Rafa. Nadal serves (with a double fault thrown in to vary things up) his way into the match.

1-1. Confident first service game from Cilic as he equals the score.

2-1 Rafa. Cilic hits a backhand into the net several times- at 0-15, 0-30, 0-40. “Just go over, goddammit!” he most likely yells in his head to the ball.

2-2. Big serving from Cilic.
#Rafastrut happening.

Happy Slammer observations: He’s buffed up lately. He is also more confident about his tennis.

3-2 Rafa. Nadal ends a rally at 30-0 by hitting long. Cilic returns a Nadal slice in following rally with precise and powerful backhand down the line. Nadal takes next two points with composure to win game.

3-3. Cilic is a tough opponent on this surface… It’s gonna get fierce.

4-3. Sweet shot from Cilic as he goes deep to fire across the court, too fast for Nadal to reach. He holds though, mopping the back of the court with a towel before wiping his face at 40-30.

4-4. Cilic chases down a lob but hits long. He follows that with an ace. Serve too strong as he takes the game at 40-15.

5-4. BP Cilic. Cilic gets the break.

6-4. Cilic has 2 set points… where the paper bag at? The tension. At 30-15, Cilic serves. Nadal calls for Hawk-Eye and it’s stated in. He walks to the line and signals with his fingers “IT WAS THIS WIDE.” An ace to end the set.

Cilic 1-0. Slow start from Nadal until ACE! Takes it to deuce. Cilic breaks though.
A non-watching Happy Slammer question: Has there been any good rallies? Drop shot winners or my fave banana shot?
Response: Not really. One superb lob by Rafa. Marin on ace #8 though.

2-0 Marin. Looks like he is awake. Awake and meaning business.

2-2. Rafa breaks at 2-1, doing so with a fiery forehand down the line. He punches the air and vamoses. Popcorn match.

Rafa takes it to 3-2. YASS! That corner #fearhand! (Ending a gripping rally at 15-15). Cilic nets a forehand and it’s BP FOR RAFA!

3-3. Nadal hits wide when Cilic is 40-0 up.

4-3 Rafa. Hitting some clean winners now.

5-3 Rafa. At deuce and it’s advantage Nadal. Ooh this is TENSE right now… DF Cilic.
Deuce count? 3. Another double fault then and unfortunate forehand into net.

6-3. Rafa takes the second set, the decider is up next.
At 30-15, woah nearly a banana shot from Nadal… Cilic hitting winners… Great fearhand back to deuce and Nadal leaps into the air. Ad Rafa. Great competitive tennis but it’s Nadal who conquers in the moment. Rafa looks so pumped up! The crowd.. not so much.

1-0 Rafa. Spaniard breaks in first game.

2-0 Rafa. Marin is unraveling a bit here.

2-1 Marin holds. This is tense, anything could happen.

3-1 Rafa. Nadal saves two break points like a #fighter. Marin shanked the lights at deuce, unleashing the ball high into the air before it bounced down before the net.

3-2. Smooth backhand down the line gives Cilic 40-15 lead. Big hitting as he wins the game.

4-2 Rafa leads. MASSIVE FH AIRSHOT by Cilic on a Rafa winner.

4-3 Cilic holds as Rafa can’t return.

5-3. Great footwork from Nadal as he whacks a return to take a 30-15 lead. Proceeding baseline rally concludes as a shot from Cilic bounces quickly off the net and lands cheekily on Nadal’s side.
OVERHEAD! 40-30 Rafa. Cilic hits net.

4-6, 6-3, 6-3 Rafa wins. 15-40, Cilic volleys the ball to the left, it lands out. Nadal will face Richard Gasquet in the semi finals.

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