Trick or Treat Tennis- Halloween Special

Hello Everybodyguys,count rafula 4

While traditionally we don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia, here at Happy Slam Tennis HQ we love any excuse to get a little weird. So as All Hallows Eve arrives we thought we share some #HSTHalloween Tennis Player costume ideas with you.

*Warning: Things are about to get a little creepy, a little kooky and even a little spooky*

It seems that Halloween is that time of year where you can have a little fun pretending to be someone else for a while. So, while these guys were busy on the court, we thought we would save them the time and give them a few costume ideas from the movies. That and we just needed an excuse to dress Felicano Lopez up at Tarzan and to see Federer really become The Godfather.

Evil Becker Fed Father Federer 007Murray breakingbad Ana Darth Fed LiNa VikaFrozen Lisicki Feli TarzanGhostbusters Gladiator Rafa Little Red Aga

Maybe Dr Evil and Darth Vader aren’t your thing, maybe you would prefer to be a hero?

Laura Croft Rena Superwoman Super Nick Thor Sam

Prefer a more traditional spooky costume? Don’t worry we’ve got that covered too…

genie Zombie Stan Zombie Murray Zombie FedZombie Raba NovakGael

Now we did say things might get a little kooky, so consider yourself warned.

boo Bryan Bros Captain Rafa werewolf Novak

And what would a HST Halloween special be without the appearance of Count Rafula?

Count Rafula 1 Count Rafula 2 Count Rafula 3 count rafula 4

Let us know which of these were your favourite. Also we love to see you in your costume so don’t forget to tag us!!

Stay #Happy!

The full size version of these pics are available at out Facebook Page here.

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