On court style: Hair accessories

Headbands, sweatbands, visors, caps… HST Megan and Frankie discuss.
Come join in too!

Frankie: Megan! What are your thoughts on headbands/ sweatbands/ bandanas? They’re kind of like an icon of tennis, aren’t they?
Megan: To be honest, I love them. They just bring joy to my heart. They look really silly a lot of the times…
(example: Bjorn)
…but they’re effective and some players actually look phenomenal in them. If it keeps their hair out of their face and sweat out of their eyes then I’m all for it.
Here are some personal favourites:

Frankie: So much Bernard. Clearly he’s somebody who does rock the headband.
But yeah Bjorn: The archetype of tennis-related fancy dress. I also think nowadays players are more like warriors with the bandana tied around their head. Especially when in camouflage like Rafa at the US Open.

AP images

Do you prefer plain, neon or patterned?
Megan: I like the classic. One straight colour and the brand in a different one. Not big on the patterns, or neon, but some people rock it.
Frankie: Yeah like Bernard’s and Kei’s. Subtle. Although I do think Gabariela  Sabatini and her patterned ones were pretty cool.
What about visors? Are you a visor or headband kinda girl? I love visors but I think they need to be more fun. Like the coloured plastic ones that are always associated with tennis yet I’ve never seen a pro player wear one.
The brand Monreal London  does a modern version and I’m like “why aren’t players wearing them?? These are so awesome” Am I right?

Megan: Mmm. This is my favourite visor (see left) because of how much I love Andy Roddick and also it just makes me smile, you know. In general, not huge on visors just from the standpoint that for me they tend to block your vision and I like to be able to see everything on court/ around me. I will say I’m a sucker for a backwards baseball cap though (cc: Tommy Haas) and they’re more effective in keeping the hair out of your eyes/ face when worn forward or backward. Plus they do the same job as a visor.

Frankie: Ohh yeah! The backwards baseball cap! Me too. A lot of people are like “eurgh, seriously? what a douche” when people where them that way but  for some (Tommy Haas and also Thanasi Kokkinakis) it just looks really natural and laid back.

Megan: Yeah, I think the backwards thing lets you keep the hair out of your face and that’s important.
Frankie: So it’s the ruler of the accessories?
Megan: Definitely. It keeps your hair out of your face and doesn’t impair your vision. Also makes you look 100x hotter somehow. It’s truly magical.
Frankie: Haha, I do still do love a good visor though.

Which do you prefer? Any stand out moments in terms of headwear? Join the discussion in the comments below!

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