Happy Slammer dreams: An awkward encounter with Novak

HST Frankie once had a dream. A dream involving Novak Djokovic

It was January 2014, the first week of the Australian Open, and Frankie was walking down the sunny streets of Melbourne waiting for a taxi.

One stopped and, as she opened the door and took a seat, she was met by (who else but)… Novak Djokovic!

Oh the excitement. Out of everybody in the city on that particular day, it was a tennis pro who happened to be sat next to her (And this is a dream so taxi drivers doing more than one journey at the same time is totally a thing)

So she chatted and chatted and chatted some more.
“Isn’t this awesome?”
“How are you finding the tournament?”
“Don’t you just love being in Melbourne?”
“What are your plans for the day?”
“We are basically best friends right now, aren’t we?”

Amidst the conversation, Frankie unintentionally exclaimed her hopes for the rest of the Open.


The polite smile that had stayed on Novak’s face throughout the journey immediately vanished.

He looked uncomfortably around. He looked out of the window. He looked at the time and prayed he would reach Melbourne Park immediately.
Frankie glanced at Novak. She bit the side of her lip in uneasy reflection. She looked out of the window and wished she was sharing the taxi with Rafa.

Then she woke up.

Sorry, Novak but it was just a dream.

Illustrated, written, and dreamed by Frankie

Have you had any random dreams involving players? We’d love to hear from you and turn them into a feature! Contact us at happyslamtennis.content@gmail.com

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