Fan stories: 5 days with Spain at the Davis Cup


What’s it like to attend the Davis Cup?
Happy Slammer Babs, AKA @Puepppy, shares all in her document of the Denmark against Spain tie (18-20 September 2015)

Going to the Denmark against Spain Davis Cup tie was the best decision I ever made. I’ll never forget those magic moments in Odense, the little town in the south of Denmark.


Here the adventure began. I got up at 1am to be there at 9am for the first practice of the Spanish team. The drive lasted 6-7 hours. As I arrived at the hall, I was wondering if I was really at the right place. I couldn’t imagine that a Davis Cup tie could take place in this small hall which seemed like a school gym.

I was the only fan in the hall to visit the practice. It was a silly situation and I was sitting there shaking my head because I couldn’t believe it.

Rafa came at approximately 10 o’clock in full white and a blue cap and had practice with Fernando Verdasco for about an hour and a half.


In the afternoon he played a doubles match with Verdasco against Marreo and Bautista-Agut. I love the doubles matches and especially with Fernando. He’s such a kind and great guy who has a lot of respect for Rafa, which makes the doubles so special. All in all it was such a joy to watch the Spanish Armada live. There’s so much fun, good moods, respect and passion on and off the court.


I had the opportunity to attend the live draw and press conference at 1 o’clock. It took place in a wonderful old building near the players’ hotel.


In the practice in the afternoon, Rafa played a match with Roberto Bautista-Agut. Conchita Martinez and Uncle Toni were always on the court and the good mood in the Spanish team could be felt all around this week. They were joking and laughing a lot. It was wonderful to watch.

Afterwards I was lucky enough to meet Rafa. I gave him a packet of his beloved original Quely cookies from Mallorca and then he was laughing all over his face. Never ever will I forget this magic moment ♥

That evening I was eating at the First Hotel Grand, where the players were staying, when suddenly I heard a loud “VAAAMOOOOS” from the next room. The Spanish team were watching the Spain against France basketball match. That was a funny situation. I was eating my pommes frites and Rafa was celebrating and vamosing next door. And you could pick him out because he was the loudest.


The match began at 4 o’clock. The lights went down, music began to play, ball boys and girls and the linesmen came in and stood at the side of the court. Then both teams, the umpire and the officials came into the hall. The players and team captains were presented and the Danish crowd gave all a kind and warm applause.
Then came the most emotional moment of my life. Spain’s national anthem was played and I was standing directly opposite Rafa and I looked him directly in the eyes while he listened. It was an awesome, magic moment.


You know how the match went. Rafa wasn’t at his best but it was an entertaining match and Mikael had a few chances which was nice for the kind Danish crowd.
Watching him watch David Ferrer in the second match was better than watching his match. He was laughing and joking so much with Toni, Vicente and Fernando. It was fantastic to see him so happy.



Rafa and Fernando played their doubles against Thomas Kromann and Frederick Nielsen and it was an exciting match with Rafa vamosing Fernando a lot. I think it was important for them to get the 3rd point on Saturday because Rafa wanted to support his friend Pau Gasol live in Lille at the final of the basketball European championships the next day.
They did get it and all the Spanish team members celebrated.



My adventure ended at 3.30 after the match of Roberto Bautista-Agut against Frederick Nielsen. I was sad to say goodbye to this lovely city where I spent five of the best days of my life. If you ever have the chance to visit a Davis Cup tie with the Spanish Armada, DO IT!

 Do you have any stories you’d like to share? Are you going to any tournaments and would like to report on the action? Feel free to contact us at because we’d love to hear from you!

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