The life of a tennis nut: Getting your Hop on


You know you’re a tennis nut when… #priorities
With the first two teams just announced, it’s time to talk Hopman Cup. And who better to give a quick run-down on all things HC than our Perth-residing tennis nut, @JuanaWriter.

So there was this one time when my husband said, “how do you feel about moving to Perth?”
To which I calmly replied, “OMG OMG OMG OMG I have always and forever wanted to go to the Hopman Cup,” completely ignoring incidental matters such as finding a place to live and being able to relocate my job. You know, practical stuff.

Totally normal response from a tennis nut. Husband rolled eyes and was unsure if that was a yes or not.

The thing is, when you live on the East Coast of Australia- as much of its population does- Perth, and indeed the Hopman Cup, have always felt so far away and so inaccessible.
So, once it was confirmed that I would be in Perth by HC o’clock, I mean, late December 2012, the laptop was fired up and the tickets were booked.

Hello, come to momma.

As I approach the end of my third year in Perth, I am proud to say I will be attending my fourth HC. Yep, four in three years- It is actually possible. Now that’s dedication.
And, despite my distance from East Coast events, I can honestly say that the HC is a hoot and a fitting substitute.

Seven things this tennis nut loves about the Hopman Cup

  1. The format. Two singles and a mixed doubles makes for a great day or night out, and seeing high-profile players ‘mix it up’ with compatriots you would rarely get the opportunity to see is fabulous!

2. Perth Arena is bloody magical. Aircon, retractable roof and wine? Hello!

Venus Williams and Tommy Haas, 2013

3. The players seem to be in such a good mood. They’ve recovered from the pre-Christmas, post end-of-season burnout, those who’ve just had a white Christmas are so happy to see summer (and perhaps run off their Christmas turkey/hot dinner) and there’s that renewed vibe, new beginning and fresh start feeling.

4. You get to see a whole range of players in one day (and meet up-and-comers or lesser-known players.) Think 2013 star of the show, Gzegorz Panfil, and last-minute stand-in baby Kokkinakis.

Aga Radwanska and Jo Wilfried Tsonga, 2014

5. You get to CHOOSE who you see. Teams/ schedule are announced well in advance because the draw is round robin (except for the final obviously).

6. Regardless, the final is always AMAZING. I actually had to leave my seat and watch the match on the tv screens in the bar last year because I could no longer deal with the tension!! #GoPolska

The venue

7. You get the impression the players really want to win this thing. Even though it’s not a slam, not DC or FC, and is kind of perceived as an ‘exho’, it’s like the Olympic gold medal- that oft-elusive, little something special to add to your tennis CV. Oh and, hello, the women’s prize is THE DIAMOND TENNIS BALL.

Interested? Details for getting your Hop on can be found here.

Photographs by Juana

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