Getting to know Hingis and Mirza


They’re the doubles pair that just keep on winning.

Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza played their first doubles tournament together at this year’s Indian Wells in March. They won it and they won their following, the Miami Open, too- Beating Ekaterina Makarova and Elina Vesnina in straight sets in both. Thus, their presence on the tour was dynamically made. Potently and animatedly they demonstrated how they are here for business and the other women pairs should be warned.

“We kind of compliment each other’s games. She’s really solid around the net and I try and put in the power. Our temperaments match as well. We try and have fun as much as we can,” Mirza spoke of their partnership.

And in the Wimbledon final, they once again played Makarova and Vesnina. Mirza and Hingis rose from a set down to equalize the match and fought from 5-2 down in the 3rd to equalize the set. The match begun in the evening sun and it ended under the roof and lights. It was full of excitement in a way that a final should be.


John McEnroe (maybe half jokingly or maybe not) expressed that “doubles don’t count as much because they’re not as good as the singles players. They’re sort of like the slower version of the singles” but Mirza and Hingis demonstrate how doubles can be equally as special as singles. Both players have been able to carry on living their tennis dream, seizing success and inspiring others. They’re the opposite of McEnroe’s statement. Individually they are slow but when together as a pair they are a formidable force. And this is just the beginning of their partnership.


*Since this post was published, they have won 3 more titles: Wuhan, Beijing and the WTA Finals. They ended the season as world number 1. 

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