A poem for Rafa Nadal (by Rafa Nadal)

Rafa, here at Happy Slam Tennis HQ we will always support you and nothing gives us faith quite like the words that come out of your mouth. So here is our poem made up entirely of things you have said in recent press conferences.

I keep fighting until the end
that’s the real thing
Eliminate the bad matches, the nerves, the anxious
and keep going, keep going, keep believing

Fighting until the end as I did all career
finish in a positive way
Intensity, attitude, calm, confidence
I know what I have to do

Some days are better, some days are worst
but I am working hard
The amazing support, special feeling,
I appreciate so much

You go through difficult moments
it won’t be the end of the world
I know where I am, know who I am
and I will be fighting until the end

I am not number 100 in the world
no no no, seriously no
but in every press conference it seems like I am
I am number 8… and is not a bad place to be

This is not the moment to cry
14 Grand Slams, 27 Masters 1000 part of my career
Remain competing, be passionate, enjoy
and keep going, keep going, keep believing

We would also like to take this moment to send our condolences to the Nadal family. Rafa’s grandfather, also named Rafael, passed away at the beginning of this week aged 85. 


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  1. John

    Heartfelt wishes and condolence to Rafa Nadal. I’ve supported you since your first Wimbledon final . You lost the match but won us as fans. Your words and actions are loved by your fans. We pray that you regain the confidence lost.

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