Tantrum Tuesday: Bencic vs Doi

It was one of those days when things weren’t going Belinda Bencic’s way. We all have them. When it feels like there’s a permanent dull cloud over us and a small series of events will make the rain fall and lightning strike.
It just so happened that, for Belinda, it was on court 11 during her second round match at the US Open.

She lost the first set 3-6 and, despite having a 5-2 lead and 6 set points, found herself falling behind to the point where Doi was nearing victory.
At a change of end, Belinda broke down in tears and, when the umpire overruled one of her shots, she through down her racket with frustration and stomped purposely towards the umpire’s chair.
“It was almost a winner. And now I have to repeat the point! It’s happened four times!” she yelled.

But repeat the point she did and saved 3 match points to go on and win the match 5-7, 7-6(3), 6-3.


Acknowledge that you made a mistake and will work on not repeating it.
“I know I shouldn’t have behaved like that,” Bencic said afterwards. “For sure I know that. But sometimes I just can’t control myself right now”

Tweeting later that day, she wrote “apologizing for my attitude today. I know it was horrible but we all have bad days, right #superfrustrated”

Make people relate
“I don’t know, maybe I didn’t sleep good, but it was all day like this. I’m 18. My mood swings are [up and down]”
And, when put like that, it’s totally understandable.

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