Fan stories: Hitting with Dimitrov

Grigor and Zacharia/ Grigor bowing down

While 13 year old Zacharia Jordan was at the recent Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati, he headed to the practice courts and watched Grigor Dimitrov play. But what he got out of it was more than just your expected photos and autograph.

“At the end of his practice I asked him to hit and he said yes,” Zacharia told us. “So I played a point with him and ended up winning it by hitting a tweener. That was the reason he bowed down to me.  After the point he went to sit down and said ‘okay let the old men (him and his coach) rest and you go pick up the balls.’ So I did what he said and after that I ended up getting a picture with him. It was an unreal experience”

Can young Zacharia see himself in Grigor’s position in the future?
“I want to be a pro one day and number one in the world. Playing with Dimitrov gave me more motivation because, when I was on the court, it was so amazing to see all the people watching me play”

Do you have any experiences/ stories you’d like to share? Are you going to any tournaments in the near future and would like to photograph/ report on the action for us?
Contact us at because we’d love to hear from you!

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