The life of a tennis nut: Are you one?

Is this what tennis nuts eat?
Meet  @JuanaWriter, our guest blogger who each month will be giving us a light-hearted run-down on the life and times of a tennis nut and some of the adventures along the way.

First cab off the rank (serve down the T if you will) is the Top 10 signs to tell if you, like Juana, are in fact a tennis nut. See how many you identify with.

You know you’re a tennis nut when…

… As soon as you wake up, you check your ATP/WTA app for any live scores you’ve missed overnight – before doing anything. Before fully opening your eyelids, actually, and squinting through your half-open lids at the tiny, tiny numbers, to put your mind at ease that the rest of your day can go on now that you have this vital, life-affirming information

… Your phone is a dazzling quilt of colourful tennis apps – ATP/WTA, AO, FO, Wimby, USO, Davis Cup, Fed Cup etc etc- again to keep you calm and assured you won’t miss a beat.

… Once you’ve opened said eyes you might get out of bed and start your daily routine, but chances are you’ll be checking the social media and sites of your favourite players, photos or the current tournament websites or tennis forums, ‘just to have a quick look’. 45 minutes later you exclaim, “#$*%!, I better get ready for work!”

… You also check the Challenger circuit results. ‘nuff said.

… Someone invites you to an awesome social event, and your immediate thought is ‘Ummmm, that sounds fantastic! But let me just check…” your tennis calendar, which invariably overrides any social calendar conflicts.

… You do accept a social invitation, you make sure you can
A) still access live scores (at the very least) and, if possible,
B) ensure an opportunity to sneak out (tactfully, of course! After all, it’s not every day your best friend gets married!) and sneak a peek at the match.
C) have numerous tennis nut friends on hand to text you any updates required should A or B fail.

… You have texting marathons with said tennis nut friends during matches to help you be ‘with colm’ and/or vent your discontent should things not be going your way. #notwinning #commentators #partisansupport

… In your natural habitat, you are likely to be found watching a match while texting, tweeting and pacing the floor like an expectant father, releasing the occasional scream and/or YES! and/or expletive, again, depending on how things are panning out.

… Someone asks if there’s any tennis on at the moment, you roll your eyes… Are you KIDDING me? When ISN’T there tennis on? It’s not just about slams, you IDIOT (is what you think, but fortunately for your social circle/reputation, you don’t say out loud!).

… When you plan a holiday you consider the tournament/s that might be on, and if/how you could work that into your plans, or in fact, plan holidays exclusively around accessible tournaments.

Feel like there’s more? Of course there’s more! Share yours below or keep a look out for more from Juana in the near future.


Add Yours
  1. Cynthia Tanner

    You might be a Rafa fan if:
    1. You can recognize all of Rafa’s uncles by name.
    2. You talk back to the TV whenever a commentator says that Uncle Toni made Rafa play left-handed.
    3. You groove on running up-the-line forehands.

    You might be a Roger fan if:
    1. As far as you’re concerned, grace is the only important characteristic in tennis.
    2. You almost never find a tennis commentator to be biased.
    3. You believe clay to be an inferior surface (except in 2009).

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