What they’re wearing: US Open 2015

Ok, Happy Slammers, the US Open is approaching and with another Grand Slam comes another set of outfits. Here’s what some of the top players will be wearing this year.

Rafael Nadal is in #IncredibleHulkMode. The plethora of green from head to toe denotes strength and invulnerability, or has the appearance of a reptile roaming in the wild (or the vulgarity of snot but we like to think the former)

With luminosity forming from darkness in Nike’s ombre design, we sense Rafa is ready to slime his opponent with some optimistic battling.

Initial thoughts:

Trudi: Hulk Smash!
Jeanni: Green machine
James: Green lantern
Megan: Too much

Adidas have also opted for the gradient effect with a fiery maroon to be worn by the likes of Ana Ivanovic and Simona Halep.
The Adizero dress is hand-printed with each make and has light streaks, to match the straps, rising from the hem in pleat-like flames.

Trudi: Maroon swoon
Jeanni: Hot lavahhh!
James: Lava girl
Megan: It’s intriguing…

Maria Sharapova’s outfit for Nike is laid-back in a New York City kinda way. Keeping to a monochromatic pallet, her dress is a simple white with black mesh detailing.

Trudi: Clean & simple
Jeanni: Based on Megan’s comment: ‘Sharastormtrooper’
James: Perfect colours
Megan: Star Wars (but in the best way, I really love this)

Nike loves a party when it comes to dress. The highlighter neon, the colour clashing; It’s all very playful and bright. Roger Federer’s kit, which hasn’t yet been confirmed but has been popping up on various sites, is a little more reserved as opposed to his French Open one- Black shorts and white polo with neon touches, plus a teal and white polo with stripes on the chest (alternating between night and day)

Trudi: Day: Matchy matchy,  Night: shoulder line love
Jeanni: Day: Meh, (the shoes could convert me…) Night: Tidy.
James: Day: Teal again? Night: Black/red again?
Megan:  Day: Sweater vest-esque?, Night: Classic Roger

The mesh skort maintains a part of the Adidas by Stella McCartney range and Caroline Wozniacki will be wearing her’s- a grey one- with a bright yellow tank, like sunshine coming out from a cloud.

Trudi: Walking on sunshine
Jeanni: Hellooo Caroyellow!
James: Too much
Megan: But Why?

What would you like to see the players wearing? Denim? Gingham? No sleeves and a competitive grimace? Or does it really not matter?

Written by Frankie

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