One Year On – The HappySlamTennis InstaVersary

Hello Everybodyguys,

Have you ever been told by your friends that you talk too much about Tennis? Well, you’re not alone. Just 12 months ago we were in that same situation when we found the Instagram tennis community, and through that we met each other.

269We started Happy Slam Tennis on the 31st of July 2014. The only thing we knew about each other was that we liked tennis A LOT and we liked Rafa….A LOT. When we started HST we joked about starting an account that focused on the unique and humorous parts of the sport. We joked about about having a place to post our wacky ideas, and we joked about the prospect of someday having 500 followers. We had been working on HST for over 3 months before we even meet face to face!

A year on things have changed. We have our #Happy place, our friends now ask us about Tennis and we are blown away to have over 30,000 people from all over the world joining in the fun. Now we hope that each of you find this to be your #Happy tennis place too – and that’s no joke!

Looking back it’s hard to imagine life before Happy Slam Tennis. We have had so many highlights from the last year that we wanted to share and you know what they say “pictures or it didn’t happen”, so just a warning its about to get photo heavy.


The Events

Count Rafula

HST Halloween This was our first ever event and was the first taste of our weird and wacky humour. Click Here to see our very creepy and kooky and all together spooky Halloween album…. If you dare!

HST Christmas- We also went a little bit crazy for Christmas- and why wouldn’t we, it is after all called the silly season.

–Scroll through to 1:09 on this Tennis Now news clip to see some of our madness in action. We had an Elfin’ good time!—


Yep, that’s right. We were those people taking selfies before we even walked up the steps on Day 1.

 Aus Open- Possibly the greatest 2 weeks of our lives. Seriously if you haven’t been to the “Happy Slam”, what are you waiting for? (We are already planning for 2016!).                    

We took FAR too many pictures throughout the two weeks to share with you here, so if you want to see some Rafa, Ferrer, Serena, Rafa, Verdasco, Rafa, Venus, Masha, Rafa, Federer, Berdych, Murray, Feli, Stan, Genie, Vika, Rafa and more then check out our Facebook page.

The Blog – Well you’re here, so we guess you’ve discovered the truth behind  ‘the secret’! We sincerley hope you find this to be your #Happy tennis place.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so tell us in the comments section below.

A collection of Rafans after Rafa's R3 match.
A collection of Rafans after Rafa’s R3 match.

Our Followers & Friends

We have met some of the most incredible and generous people both in person and online over the past 12 months. It has been a pleasure sharing the #passionfire with you all.

The Countdowns

 We LOVE a  good countdown. Here is one of our favourites.

The Happy Slam Tennis Love

289We have been so blown away by the support of the last year that we wanted to share with you some of the retweets, likes and repost love from the last year.




The Selfies

We, Happy Slam Tennis hereby declare that we are guilty of loving a selfie! So proceed with caution– You’re about to enter the Selfie Zone!

 Jeanni with Feli  011Jeanni With Kei

021284   245

And Finally…… The RAFATUDE

What kind of HST page would it be if we didn’t talk about the RAFATUDE!


Thank you everybodyguys for following our journey, we hope you all enjoy the next chapter with this blog as much as you do our Instagram page.

Cheers to the future of Happy Slam Tennis!

HST Team xxxx


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