Hello Everybodyguys, Welcome to the birth of our new Happy Slam Tennis blog! So now you have found out about the secret project we have been working on, let us fill you in on the details.

We now have a full team (you can find out about us here). So you don’t need to worry we will still be just as active (if not more) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as before.

We have lots of really great stuff planned for this space. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming competitions, posts, news and some of the weird and wacky stuff that you love. So while you’re here click the subscribe link at the top to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Now, this space is ALL about YOU! and growing the #Happy Slam Community. While we might be posting news, funnies, competitions and interviews, we want your input too! Have something to say? Have tournament pics/clips to share? Have something #veryspecial to contribute?, then hit that the contribute tab and send us your ideas.  We may not be able post everything, but we will #TryMyBest to bring it on!

Comment and share your #specialfeelings below!

Stay Happy!

The HST Team xxx

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