GOAT real!

Ahh, our dear friend PseudoFed, the #humble #GOAT. He has over 37,000 followers on Twitter, his courtside Tweetings are enjoyed by the likes of Judy and Andy of the Murray’s, Eugenie Bouchard, Tomáš Berdych and Stan (Stanford) Wawrinka just to name drop a few. But who is this PseudoFed?

Well he’s an affectionate and hilarious parody of Roger Federer, a rather elusive yet charming and embracing character who updates us regularly about his life via his blog Confessions of a Humble GOAT.

You may know him from such blog posts such as ‘Dear Mr Wimbledon”, “A Man and His shorts” and “Gael in a Gale” or hashtags such a #humble and #YoureFired, but is there much more to PseudoFed than this? Well according his highly loyal and well trained #staff there is.

PF Tweeting
PF doing the Tweetings

Recently PF has authored a book titled PseudoFed’s Guide to Tennis and Life which presents an intimate and very entertaining insight into the could-be life of one of sport’s most loved men, with a little – actually, a lot of- exaggerated personality and humorous observation. The book cannot come more highly recommended; It will have you hooked from the first Spiritual GOAT Quote and will take you on an enlightening journey into his colourful world, complete with tennis tips and sage advice on how to live life alongside his greatness. The quirky qualities we have come to love and adore in PseudoFed’s #humble persona, are very much an endearing homage to the essence of the Swiss great, sharing his humor, wit but most importantly the kindest of hearts (The book is available through Amazon in both a paperback and Kindle version).

Greatest book of all time. Did not stop doing the laughings and the cryings. Truly humbled and welcome to have been born with eyeballs and literacy, for without either I could not have known this pleasure. – Juana

PF book Image
Click for enlightenment

Not only does PF have a book but he also has a store.  All the money from the sales of the merchandise from the PseudoFed store (where you can buy t-shirts, mugs and attire for your dog) is donated to the Elena Baltacha foundation, which honours the former British number 1 who devastatingly passed away in 2014 from Liver cancer at the age of 30. Before Elena’s death in May 2014, she set up her charity with the aim of giving more children of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn to play tennis at her academy. The foundation is currently halfway towards reaching its donation goal of £10,000. Enabling Patron Judy Murray to facilitate further reach to engage under privileged children in a healthy and active life. As you will have gathered, PsuedoFed is not only bringing joy to tweeters and blog readers but he’s bringing joy to Elena and the many children who are benefiting from her cause. We here at at Happy Slam Tennis, encourage you to get your GOAT gear on and laugh your way in contributing to a great cause that’s close to our hearts. And when you do, be sure to let him know how much you like it, you might even get hired! #YoureWelcome.

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