Happy Slam Tennis scheduling notice

Hey everybodyguys! 

As you may know life can hit a few sneaky drop shots at you, this means we have to attend to matters a bit closer to home and for practical reasons, this site will be taking a hiatus for a while.

Never fear! you needent miss a thing, we’ll be sharing content that we would usually post here via the Happy Slam Tennis Facebook Page,  so sprint over there and like us! to stay in the loop. 

Let the #Happy times roll on! 

The Happy Slam Tennis Team

Rafa – King of the kids


G’day #Happy Slammers,

It’s been a little while since our last post, thanks to a little thing called life. Which has a bad habit of taking over. But when we got a DM from long time IG follower, David Lax, we couldn’t help but set aside everything to share his story with everybodyguys. Now be prepared because things are about to get adorable, and you are going to say awwwww.


HST Young Guns Logo Square

Hello everybodyguys!

It’s our birthday!! And to celebrate our second year on Instagram, we are excited to announce that we have relaunched (our secondary Instagram account) HappySlamTennis2 as Happy Slam Tennis Young Guns. This page celebrates¬† young guns! rising stars, ITF circuit, ball kids, trick shots and other fun content to keep you happy!